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I love stories. I love hearing people tell me their life’s story. I love reading and learning about different people, places, and ideas. I love watching stories unfold and develop. I love being encouraged to consider the universe from a different perspective. Stories can entertain, enrich our lives, allow us to connect, make us think, enable us to heal, and help us become better versions of ourselves. I write for all these reasons. I have gained so much from so many stories, it is time I shared.

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The History of Time Travel

If you could choose a superpower for yourself, what would it be? Would you like to fly, or turn invisible? How about telekinesis or the ability to shapeshift? What if you could control time? What would you go back and change? Daniel Laserna has made a lot of mistakes lately and the consequences of his actions may cost him his life. But there is hope. Daniel thinks he has found the key to time travel. He is desperate to change his past, but he needs help to make his vision become a reality.


Daniel must reunite with the family and friends he just turned his back on. Even then, it may not be enough. Daniel will soon understand the road to discovery may cost him everything he cares about with no guarantee of success. Is it worth the risk? Daniel thinks it is and is willing to search the entire universe until he finds what he is looking for, even if it means putting his life and the lives of his team on the line. Are we witnessing a hero in the making or the end of civilization as we know it?

Science for Superheroes

Want to become a superhero? Well, it takes more than just brute strength and a radioactive spider to get you to the top of the superhero world these days. You need knowledge of science, mechanics, physics, and even design if you want to stand beside your favorite hero during their next team-up. Now you can get that knowledge and become the superhero you've always wanted to be!


Science for Superheroes takes all the principles you'll need and lays them out one by one. Easily understandable and fun for all ages, Science for Superheroes teaches different scientific and mechanical fundamentals, all with an eye toward kids who want more than just definitions and numbers. These would-be heroes will be able to learn and grow in ways they never expected...and maybe become the superhero they've dreamed of becoming! 

Science for Superheroes is a collaboration between authors Steven Heumann and Palmer Hawkins, including original artwork from both creators!

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