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The Science Manifesto

Our civilization advances as individuals grow their knowledge and understanding of science.

The purpose of life is continuation; to keep ourselves alive, bring on a new generation, and ensure the survival of the species. Humans cannot thrive alone. All life helps to sustain us and should be safeguarded. We are better able to fulfill life’s purpose through the advancement of our scientific knowledge and its applications.

Through science, we can work together across multiple disciplines to solve problems ranging from the largest challenges humanity has ever faced to the smallest difficulty impacting a single individual. 


Through science, we can develop procedures and medicines to heal the diseased, treat the injured, and provide relief to the suffering.

Through science, we can invent technologies that improve the quality of life for individuals and communities around the world. 

Through science, we can refine systematic ways of growing and producing food to alleviate hunger.


Through science, different forms of housing can be built to shelter those suffering in the elements and difficult conditions.

Through science, cleaner and more efficient forms of energy can be developed and delivered to people across the world.

Through science, we can improve the environment and prevent further destruction.

Through science, we can enhance the way we learn and educate the next generation that would have otherwise been left without the same opportunities.

Through science, we can better understand ourselves, heal from psychological trauma, and develop deeper, stronger meaningful relationships.

Through science, businesses can solve economic challenges while providing income to families and individuals for food, shelter, and other necessities and lift people out of poverty through gainful employment.

Through science, governments, non-profits, and philanthropic institutions can find better solutions to serve their populations, minimizing the impact of pain, suffering, and anguish that affects so many.


Through science, we can bring peace to the homes of all people around the Earth.

You have the power to use science for the betterment of our civilization in ways both small and large.


Now is the time to make a difference, to increase your knowledge, to solve a problem, to lift up others, to make the world a better place, to expand our understanding of what is possible, and turn those possibilities into reality.

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