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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

In a world of superheroes, who's the real villain?

Renegades by Marissa Meyer

This superhero/villain series is a lot of fun. It is intended for a YA audience and some of the early dialogue is a little cheesy, but I am fairly immature so I don’t mind. I read Renegades right when it came out and it was awesome to discover a series I knew I would love right from the beginning. The downside to that discovery was I had to wait an entire year before the sequel Arch-Enemies was released, then another year for Supernova to come out (November 2019 release date). I obviously haven’t read the last book in the series yet, but I can tell you the first two books in the series have been fantastic.

The main character is one of the last supervillains in a world where superheroes rule the roost. She is bent on bringing down the establishment and the best place to do that is from the inside. So she poses as a new superhero to steal their secrets and find the best ways to exploit their weaknesses. What she uncovers, however, is not what she expected and is forced to reconsider the lessons she has been taught her entire life.

These books have great heroes, villains, and other dynamic individuals that fall somewhere between the two. It is fun to see how each chooses to utilize their unique abilities. I can’t wait for the final chapter in this saga!

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