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Deception Point

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

A great book from an author you know

Deception Point by Dan Brown

I loved all of Dan’s books in The Da Vinci Code series, especially Origin. You can tell he puts a lot of thought into each novel and Deception Point is no exception. You may have never heard of this book because it is a standalone novel that has been somewhat overshadowed by the Robert Langdon books so I thought I would introduce it to you. It’s definitely not sci-fi, but the premise is that NASA discovers evidence of alien life in the frozen north. Also, some of the main characters are the leading scientific minds in their respective fields so there are a lot of technical discussions throughout the book so feel free to geek out.

The story starts the same way most of Dan’s books start; someone gets killed for no apparent reason. The clues as to why soon fall into place one at a time as the main characters fight to stay one step ahead of death while they try to figure out why everything has gone so wrong. The story is filled with excitement, lies, chases, blackmail, and murder all for the sake of a government cover-up. You will enjoy this thriller if you liked any of the other Dan Brown novels.

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