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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

What does it mean to be human, anyway?

Partials by Dan Wells

Who would have thought that 99% of mankind would be wiped out by a weapon of our own invention? The remaining humans can no longer reproduce and are running out of time to find a solution. There isn’t much technical science in this sci-fi thriller but Dan uses a lot of scientific concepts to fuel the progression of the story as it unfolds across 3 novels (Fragments and Ruins are the second and third books in the trilogy).

I loved the characters in this series and I wanted them to find success, but the post-apocalyptic world is a dangerous place where misguided decisions have fatal consequences, especially with squads of superhuman soldiers hot on their trail. There is only one question that remains. Can they learn from their mistakes and overcome their prejudice before all sentient life is eradicated?

I recommend giving Partials a read but you will want to have the remaining books on hand because you most likely won’t want the story to be over. As a bonus, there is also a short prequel called Isolation that can be read before or after you read the other books (Heron is one assassin you do not want to mess with! Or do you?). I personally recommend starting with Isolation and going from there.

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